Arrowmax Body Post Trimmer - Purple AM190040

Arrowmax Body Post Trimmer - Purple AM190040
Brand: Arrowmax
Part Number: AM190040
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Awesome little tool for trimming your body posts super neatly. Watch the video for how to do it!

Available in 3 colours to match your chosen tool/pit accessories.


  • Fit your body shell to your car and make sure that it’s placed in the correct height
  • Remove the body and put it aside, you won’t need it for the post trimming procedure itself!

Body post trimming step by step

Step 1

  • Place the Body Post Trimmer on your car’s first body post
  • You have two options concerning the length, 6 mm and 10 mm, depending on the orientation of the tool

Step 2

  • Turn the knurled screw counter-clockwise just until you can take it out
  • Insert your cutter knife / scalpel
  • Turn the knurled screw clockwise until the scalpel runs on block at the end of the slot

Step 3

  • Now you can remove the cut top of the body post including the Body Post Trimmer
  • Congratulation! You have trimmed your first body post! Repeat the procedure with the other body posts on your car!
  • The final cut
  • Place your Body Post Trimmer with the stud hole on the body post
  • Turn around the trimmer about 360° under light pressure so that you will cut a perfect 1 mm chamfer


If chamfering doesn’t work as it should, try to change the gap of your blade which should be 0.2 – 0.5 mm to the edge of the aluminium body.
Your results are, smooth looking, chamfered body posts without much effort and all have the same length!

Your body shell will easily glide on your car now!

Manufacturer: Arrowmax
Part Number: AM190040
Tool Type: Reamers