Arrowmax 25pc Tool Set for Buggys with Tool Bag AM199403

Arrowmax 25pc Tool Set for Buggys with Tool Bag AM199403
Brand: Arrowmax
Part Number: AM199403
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Arrowmax have released own complete range of high quality and durable tools able to stay in the tool bag longer for a reasonable price. Tool bag start with the main tools you use in almost each class of rc racing. Included are: allen, ball allen, flat head, philips, nut spinner, reamer and exhaust spring tool. You can up to 24-28 tools per bag, to make it more complete depending on the class you run.


  • AM110115 - Allen Wrench 1.5x120mm
  • AM110120 - Allen Wrench 2.0x120mm
  • AM110125 - Allen Wrench 2.5x120mm
  • AM110130 - Allen Wrench 3.0x120mm
  • AM120120 - Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.0x120mm
  • AM120125 - Ball Driver Hex Wrench 2.5x120mm
  • AM120130 - Ball Driver Hex Wrench 3.0x120mm
  • AM130130 - Flat Head Screwdriver 3.0x15mmM
  • AM130140 - Flat Head Screwdriver 4.0x150mm
  • AM140120 - Phillips Screwdriver 2.0x45mm
  • AM140135 - Phillips Screwdriver 3.5x120mm
  • AM140158 - Phillips Screwdriver 5.8x120mm
  • AM150150 - Nut Driver 5.0x100mm
  • AM150155 - Nut Driver 5.5x100mm
  • AM190001 - Exhaust Spring/ Caster Clip Remover
  • AM190002 - Wrench - Glowplug/ Clutchnut- 10mm Long
  • AM190003 - Reamer with End Cap for Lexan Body
  • AM190008 - Turnbuckle Wrench 3mm V2
  • AM190009 - Turnbuckle Wrench 4mm V2
  • AM190010 - Turnbuckle Wrench 5mm V2
  • AM190015 - Flywheel Remover (Small)
  • AM190018 - Flywheel Wrench Tool Wheel Nut for 1/8 Off Road Buggy
  • AM190021 - Arm Reamer 3.0x120mm
  • AM190023 - Arm Reamer 4.0x120mm
  • AM190025-P - Multi Shock-Clamp V2 (Purple)
  • AM199401 - AM Embroidery Tool Bag


Manufacturer: Arrowmax
Part Number: AM199403
Tool Type: Tool Sets