Arrma Truck Suspension Arm Set AR330225

Arrma Truck Suspension Arm Set AR330225
Brand: Arrma
Part Number: AR330225
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This Truck Suspension Arm Set will provide Upper and Lower Front Suspension Arms and Lower Rear Suspension Arms for one side of your ARRMA vehicle. All items can be flipped over to be used on either side of your ARRMA Truck.


High-quality, ultra-strong composite material for superior crash resistance and durability - Precision manufactured lower Shock Absorber mounting holes for fast and easy servicing and tuning adjustments - Super-tough inner and outer Hingepein holes for increased durability during hard landings - Increased strength due to moulded 'webbing' on Lower Suspension Arm parts


2 x Upper Front Suspension Arm

2 x Lower Front Suspension Arm

2 x Lower Rear Suspension Arm

Manufacturer: Arrma
Part Number: AR330225
Spare Part Type: Suspension Spares

Compatible With

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AR102618 Arrma Fury BLS 1/10th 2WD Brushless Short Course Truck
AR102661 Arrma Fury BLX V2 Brushless 1/10th Short Course Truck RTR
AR102657 Arrma Granite Mega 1/10 2WD Monster Truck RTR - Red/Black
AR102660 Arrma Granite BLX 1/10th 2WD Monster Truck
AR102642 Arrma Raider XL Mega 2wd Brushed Desert Buggy 1/8 RTR
AR102662 Arrma Raider XL 2wd BLX V2 Brushless Dune Buggy 1/8th RTR
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