Arrma Composite Steering/ Camber Link Set AR330223

Arrma Composite Steering/ Camber Link Set AR330223
Brand: Arrma
Part Number: AR330223
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This Composite Steering and Camber Link Set provides super-strong fixed-length Steering and Camber Linkages that will fit all 2014 specification ARRMA 1/10 2WD vehicles . This set can also be used with ARRMA vehicles from previous years, to bring your ARRMA kit up to 2014 specification. 


 Super-tough and flexible composite material for consistent linkage performance in the roughest conditions - Screwdriver access hole in linkages for fast and easy servicing


2 x Long Rear Camber Linkages

2 x Short Steering Linkages

2 x Short Rear Camber Linkages

2 x Long Steering Linkages

Manufacturer: Arrma
Part Number: AR330223
Spare Part Type: Suspension Spares

Compatible With

AR102618 Arrma Fury BLS 1/10th 2WD Brushless Short Course Truck
AR102651 Arrma Fury 2wd Mega Brushed Shortcourse Truck 1/10 - Blue
AR102661 Arrma Fury BLX V2 Brushless 1/10th Short Course Truck RTR
AR102657 Arrma Granite Mega 1/10 2WD Monster Truck RTR - Red/Black
AR102660 Arrma Granite BLX 1/10th 2WD Monster Truck
AR102656 Arrma Raider Mega 1/10 2WD Buggy RTR - Red/Blue
AR102642 Arrma Raider XL Mega 2wd Brushed Desert Buggy 1/8 RTR
AR102662 Arrma Raider XL 2wd BLX V2 Brushless Dune Buggy 1/8th RTR
AR102622 Arrma Vorteks BLX 1/10 BLX 2WD Race Truck RTR
AR102655 Arrma Vorteks Mega 1/10 2WD Race Truck RTR - Orange/Black