RC4WD ZE0058 RC4WD 1/10 High Performance SMD LED Light Bar (75mm/3) Z-E0058

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Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-E0058
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RC4WD 1/10 High Performance SMD LED Light Bar (75mm/3)
This is a all new High Performance Lightbar for any RC. Will make any project look better and add much needed lighting.

Cast Molded Housing
Reversible L brackets to fit many applications
Adjustable L brackets for rotating light16 Individual LED bulbs
Super Bright Lighting
Vented on side to dissipate heat
Works with up to 11.1v lipo with use of a BEC to regulate voltage below 7.4 volts
Standard Receiver Plug
Connects to extra channel on receiver2mm Mounting Holes
Rated Output 32 Lumens
Overall Length: 3.7in / 95mm
Light Bar Width: 3.1in / 7.88mm
Overall Height: 0.81in / 20.8mm
Light Bar Height: 0.63in / 16.2mm
Weight: 1.09oz / 31g

Whats Included:
1x RC4WD 1/10 High Performance SMD LED Light Bar (75mm/3)
Replacement Hardware:10x M1.5 x 6mm SHCS (ZS1012) (Silver)
6x M1.6 x 6mm Phillips Button Head (Silver) (ZS1387)
RC4WD Light Bar Knurled Nuts (ZS1484)

Optional Parts:
Y harness with Tamiya Connectors for Lightbars (ZS1601)
RC4WD Mini ON/OFF Switch For Lighting Unit (ZE0081)
RC4WD Strobe Lighting Unit (ZS1573)

Use medium grade threadlock on Lbracket nut to prevent loss and to keep the light in position.Mounting hardware can be found here. M2 SHCS / M2 BHSC
While the lightbar comes with a standard receiver plug, this is only for ease of use. The receiver will not allow enough power for the lightbar and it will be dim. If you want the light to be bright, you will need to power it directly from your battery, or use a BEC to get more power to your receiver.