RC4WD ZT0022 Rocky Country 1.55 Scale Tires Z-T0022


RC4WD ZT0022 Rocky Country 1.55 Scale Tires 
Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-T0022
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2x Rocky Country 1.55 Truck Tires Class One The tread pattern and narrow footprint give this radial exceptional traction and Rocky Countrys shoulder lugs protect the sidewalls. Range of 1.55 wheels HERE. You may also want to get some Wheel Weights to fit while you are mounting your new tyres.Specification: Outer Diameter: 4.01 (102mm) Width: 1.14/29mm Inner Diameter: 1.55 (39mm) Each tire weight: 1.95 oz / 55 g

Whats Included:
2x Rocky Country 1.55 Tires2x Foams Note:For complete truck, you will need 2 set of this
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Manufacturer: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-T0022
Class: Rock Crawler