RC4WD ZT0005 Dirt Grabber 1.9 All Terrain Tires Z-T0005


Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-T0005
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2x Dirt Grabber 1.9 All Terrain Truck Tires Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Dirt Grabber. This tire is suited for a broad range of driving conditions. Made to handle everyday driving, as well as some light to moderate off road conditions. Dirt Grabber offer peerless longevity, even wear and excellent durability.Specification:Outer Diameter: 3.85inch/97.8mm
Width: 1.22 (31mm)
Inner Diameter: 1.9 (48mm) Each tire weight: 1.85 oz / 52 g
Installed on our customers truck in Wyoming USA:Installed on our customers truck in California USA: Shown here on customers truck

Whats Included:
2x Dirt Grabber 1.9 Tires2x Foams Note: This 1.9 Tires is designed to fit wheels such as: Wagon Scale 1.9 Black Wheel ZW0092Wagon Scale 1.9 White Wheel ZW0014True Scale Series Beadlock Wheels for 1.9 Tires ZW0103Landies Classic White Scale Wheel ZW0019Cyclone 1.9 Custom Wheels ZW00461.9 True Scale Classic Wheels with Center Cap ZW0003Texas Star Truescale 1.9 Wheels ZW0047Rampage 1.9 Narrow Beadlock Wheels ZW0109Note: For complete truck, you will need 2 set of this product This item was previously part number Creepers1.9. We have updated our part numbers and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.Due to many different methods to design tires and wheels, we have no control over other manufacturers products. So we can only tell you that RC4WD tires and wheels work together. In some cases our wheels and tires will work with other brand wheels and tires, but we can not guarantee the outcome.Click here to see our full line of tire specification comparison list. Thank you for taking time to look at this listing, if you need any help please drop me a line. Dont forget to add me to your favourites list so as not to miss out when new items arrive. You are also welcome to mail your suggestions of items you would like to see me hold in stock. While your shopping check out my other items in my
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Manufacturer: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-T0005
Class: Rock Crawler