RC4WD ZS0567 1:2 Ultra Compact Gear Speeder Unit for 540 Motor Z-S0567

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RC4WD ZS0567 1:2 Ultra Compact Gear Speeder Unit for 540 Motor 
Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-S0567
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EAN: 610373635480
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There for 3 Reducer option 2:1 ZU0014 3:1 ZU0020 4:1 ZU0012 and one Speeder 1:2 ZS0567.1x RC4WD Ultra Compact 1:2 Gear Speeder Unit for 540 Motor
Increase speed and decrease torque
This speeder unit is designed to fit any RC truck, car, robot, airplane, boat that uses standard 540 motor. It will work as long as there is enough room for the extra length (.7 inch / 18mm).CNC machined high precision aluminum housing
Stainless hardened steel micro size internal gears
Custom made pinion gears
Universal, fit any 540 Motor
Engineered and Manufactured by RC4WD
Specification:Gear speed up ratio: 1:2Overall diameter: 36mm
Legth: 18mm (.7 inch)
Output shaft diameter: 3.17mm (with a flat surface for mounting standard RC pinion gears)
Total metal gears: 6Total Parts: 11

Whats Included:
1x RC4WD Ultra Compact Gear Speeder Unit1x Steel Pinion Gear
Note: Due to the added length, you will need some longer motor mounting screws. For example on a Tamiya clod axle, you will need two M3 46mm long screws (not included).About Gear Speeder Unit (GSU)
When this GSU is used, it will increase the motor RPM by 100.Note: This item was previously part number X0423. We have updated our part numbers and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.