RC4WD ZS0293 Hardened Lightweight Steel Replacement Gear set for XR10 Z-S0293

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Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-S0293
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EAN: 91037074973
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Hardened Steel Replacement Gear set for XR10This is a complete gear set. This also includes the stock gearing pinion gear. This is a Hardened steel gear set and has been fully field tested and approved by top drivers. Built for durability. One of the best upgrades to the XR10 remembers as MOA you need two sets for your crawler. When fitting dont forget a little Grease and possible a new set of Bearings.

Full Complete gear set to upgrade 1 axle
Hardened steel gears for superior durability
CNC Machined
Little extra weight for lower COG Stock Axial gears= 68.4 Grams Hardened RC4WD= 77.2 Grams

Whats Included:
1x 6pc Hardened Steel Replacement Gear set for Axial XR10 Note:For complete truck, you will need to order two of this item.