RC4WD ZS0146 Steely M3 Bent Rod End (Heim Joint) Z-S0146

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Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-S0146
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1x Male Steely Bent Rod End (Heim Joint) (M3)
Steely rod end is our 3rd generation full metal rod end. Not only it is extremely scale, it is also compact in size. Each Steely is super durable and machined out of billet stainless steel.Size comparison with our original alum Rod End:

CNC Machined industrial grade hard Steel
Preinstalled with a stainless Steel Ball

Whats Included:
1x RC4WD Steely Male Bent Rod End (M3 Thread)
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Manufacturer: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-S0146
Crawler Accessory Type: Chassis & Suspension