RC4WD ZE0028 Rocker Dig II (Electronic) for MOA Crawler Z-E0028

(Motor on Axle Only)

RC4WD ZE0028 Rocker Dig II (Electronic) for MOA Crawler Z-E0028
Brand: RC4WD
Part Number: Z-E0028
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1x Electronic Rocker Dig II
This is the new Rocker Dig II. it provides a much stronger brake the first version. This has the same features as the first which include F and R Dig with a push of your radios control. This small unit can be placed in almost any competition crawler and allows full control of F and R dig on any MOA crawler with ease. Rocker Dig eliminates the old setup, no more servo and toggle switches.Same looks and design, only difference is the wiring circuitry.Protective plastic housing47mm (long) x 32mm (wide) x 17mm (tall)
Weight: 43 grams
Works with MOA (Motor On Axle) axle only
Stronger brake than Version 130 day warranty

Whats Included:
1x Electronic Rocker Dig
Instruction manual:Click here to download
Note: This unit will work with the dual motor ESC. Make sure to use the black and red wire that is closet together to attach the dig and cap the extra black and red wire.