Spektrum S6090 High Voltage Surface Servo Speed SPMSS6090

Spektrum S6090 High Voltage Surface Servo Speed SPMSS6090
Brand: Spektrum
Part Number: SPMSS6090
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With it's heavy duty steel gears, dual ball bearing support and digital control precision, the S6090 high speed surface servo delivers a class leading transit time of 0.09 sec / 60 deg when driven directly by a 2S LiPo power source whilst still retaining a hugely respective torque figure of upto 21kg-cm. Thanks to it's High Voltage input rating, the S6090 does away with the need for any voltage drop-down regulation, thus eliminating uneccessary complexity in your R/C installation making it ideal for many 1/10 and 1/8 competition or basher markets.

Features and Specification:
  • High Voltage Rating (2S LiPo input without regulator)
  • Ball bearing support
  • High Speed Rating (0.09s / 60 Deg @ 7.4V)
  • Precise digital control
  • Heavy Duty steel gears
  • Water and dust resistant case
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 40mm x 20mm x 32mm
  • Gear Material: Steel
  • Input Voltage: 6.0V 7.4V
  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Servo Speed (6v / 60 deg): 0.11 sec / 60 Deg @ 6.0V (0.09s / 60 Deg @ 7.4V)
  • Servo Torque (6v): 13kg cm @ 6.0V (21kg cm @ 7.4V)
  • Weight: 62g