Dynamite LiPo Voltage Regulator DYN4070

Dynamite LiPo Voltage Regulator DYN4070
Brand: Dynamite
Part Number: DYN4070
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Dynamites LiPo Voltage Regulator oversees the output voltage of 2S receiver packs to safe levels. That makes it a must-have accessory for 1/8th scale nitro enthusiasts and hobbyists who use LiPo receiver packs. The regulator contains a low-voltage cutoff, allowing users to protect their receiver packs from damage due to over-discharge.

Features and Specification:
  • LiPos protected from over discharge by adjustable low voltage protection
  • Three minute low power function warns users that the receiver pack has reached the low voltage protection threshold
  • Easy fit in a battery or receiver box thanks to compact size
  • Height: 14mm (0.55in)
  • Length: 35mm (1.38in)
  • Peak Rating: 5A for up to 10 seconds duration
  • Power Rating: 3.5A
  • Width: 23mm (0.91in)