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Simply RC HPI Baja 5B Screw Kit SRC-10037
The Simply RC Screw Kits are a great product and something that all model owners should have. They not only serve as complete replacement screw kits for your model, but they are also commonly used for spare fixings. The kits contain screws, nuts, washers, grubs and e-clips, basically we supply all the fixings required to fit out your model.*

Our fixings are all machine thread meaning a much better fit into plastic parts and this also allows you to fit our fixings into plastic parts where self tapping fixings may have been before. In addition to this, the fixings are all supplied with hex sockets which requires the use of allen keys or hex drivers. This allows you to apply greater torque with reduced risk of the fixings head stripping or getting damaged.

The Stainless Steel material is an upgrade over the standard fixings as supplied with many models which tend to be the black, soft screws that rust very easily.

All screw kits are packaged in a handy storage case with various compartments for the different fixings and an identification sheet is included to help find the fixing you need in the kit.

*Some fixings, especially screws such as those with 3.5mm threads and other non-standard sizes are not included in the kits. Also some specialized fixings such as flat engine mount screws and step screws are not included.

* Please Note: The image above is for illustration purposes only, actual contents may vary depending on the model the kit is specified for
Manufacturer: Simply RC
Part Number: SRC-10037
Size: Screw Sets
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every screw, nut and clip for a baja on a box, but the box is pants and you'll need to keep it flat to prevent the parts from mixing. they are also a nice shiny colour, can make your car look newish again

4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars Posted on 23rd Dec 2012