Simply RC Hong Nor Ultra LX-1 Bearing Kit SRC-20029

Simply RC Hong Nor Ultra LX-1 Bearing Kit SRC-20029
Brand: Simply RC
Part Number: SRC-20029
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Simply RC Bearing Kits are perfect as replacements, upgrades or spares for your RC model.

Our bearings are of the highest quality allowing easy installation and removal when needed. In addition to this, we have a dual seal/shield system. By having a rubber seal on one side and a metal shield on the other, you can install the bearing so that it offers protection against dirt e.t.c but will operate faster than a standard dual sealed bearing.

All bearings for your model are supplied in the kits and come in a handy storage case which is perfect for keeping spares or other parts. We also sell our bearings in pairs if you need to stock up on spares or wish to replace only a few of the bearings on your model.

Please Note: Image above is for illustration purposes only. The bearings shown inside will vary from model to model.