Orion Carbon XX 1300 25C 11.1v LiPo (TRX) ORI14148

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Important Product Safety Information   

Lithium batteries can be dangerous if not handled correctly.
These safety points are to be used as a general guide.
Please refere to the specific user instruction and warnings supplied with your Lithium battery before use.

ONLY use a charger designed for lithium batteries.
ALWAYS use a safe sack, charging pouch or fireproof container to place your batteries in whilst charging.
ALWAYS use the balance lead connection when charging.
NEVER use a NiMh or NiCad charger.
NEVER charge the batteries unattended.
NEVER leave the battery connected when not in use.

General Guidelines and Warnings:

  • Use specific Lithium Polymer/Li-ion charger only. Do not use a NiMH or NiCd charger. Failure to do so may a cause fire.
  • Never charge batteries unattended. When charging LiPo/Li-ion batteries you should always remain in constant observation to monitor the charging process and react to potential problems that may occur.
  • Some LiPo/Li-ion chargers on the market may have technical deficiencies that may cause it to charge the LiPo/Li-ion batteries incorrectly or at an improper rate. It is your responsibility solely to assure the charger you purchased works properly. Always monitor charging process to assure batteries are being charged properly. Failure to do so may result in fire.
  • If at any time you witness a battery starting to balloon, swell up, smoke or get hot, discontinue charging process immediately, disconnect the battery and observe it in a safe place for approximately 15 minutes. This may cause the battery to leak, and the reaction with air may cause the chemicals to ignite, resulting in fire.
  • Since delayed chemical reaction can occur, it is best to observe the battery as a safety precaution. Observation should occur in a safe area outside of any building or vehicle and away from any combustible material.
  • Wire lead shorts can cause fire! If you accidentally short the wires, the battery must be placed in a safe area for observation for approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, if a short occurs and contact is made with metal (such as rings on your hand), severe injuries may occur due to the conductibility of electric current.
  • A battery can still ignite even after 10 minutes.
  • In the event of damage due to bad shipment or other reason, you must remove battery for observation and place in a safe open area away from any combustible material for approximately 15 minutes.
  • If for any reason you need to cut the terminal wires, it will be necessary to cut each wire separately, ensuring the wires to not touch each other or a short may occur, potentially causing a fire.
  • To solder a connector: Remove insulating tape of Red wire and solder to positive terminal of a connector, then remove insulating tape of Black wire and solder to the negative terminal of connector. Be careful not to short the wire lead. If you accidentally cause the battery to short, place it in a safe open space and observe the battery for approximately 15 minutes. A battery may swell or even possibly catch fire after a short time.
  • Never store or charge battery pack inside your car in extreme temperatures, since extreme temperature could ignite fire.

Designed for Traxxas 1:16th VXL!!

The new Orion Carbon XX LiPo packs are enclosed in a tough moulded plastic case specifically shaped to suit the Traxxas 1:16th VXL chassis.

3 different skins are provided so you can customise your packs to your own taste.

Fitted with 16AWG high temperature silicone power leads, TRX power connector and a seperate JST-XH balance charge lead.

Team Orion, powering your Traxxas to the Maxx!!!

Pack size: 102 x 34 x 20mm (LxWxH)

* These packs are specifically shaped for 1:16th type chassis. Must only be used with LiPo compatable ESC and motors


Warning: Lithium Polymer battery packs can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. Please ensure due care and attention as exercised at all time when handling LiPo packs.

Not suitable for use by children
Only use chargers specifically designed for LiPo batteries
Store and charge in a fireproof container or pouch , never in your model !
Monitor the charging of the battery pack at all times
Never leave the battery unattended !
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I have just upgraded from the Traxxas 7.2V Nimh Stick Power Series 1 to this beast of a battery! I can't beleive the power this little thing has! Just when I thought I can increase the throttle more on my Summit as its going a fair speed the battery just keeps giving and flips the thing! I have taking it to the max once and made the front tires balloon, it took the whole length of the road to do this that's when common sense kicked in to take it back in the house until I have a open field.

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars  Posted on 28th Apr

Compatible With

71076-3BK Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL iD RTR TSM (Black)
71076-3S Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL iD RTR TSM (Silver)
71076-3BU Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL iD RTR TSM (Blue)
71076-3R Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL iD RTR TSM (Red)
72076-3R Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL iD RTR (Red)
72076-3Y Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL iD RTR (Yellow)
72076-3BU Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL iD RTR (Blue)
72076-3W Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL iD RTR (White)