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MaxxTrax E-Revo 7.4v 25C 4000mAh LiPo Pack (TRX) MXX110

MaxxTrax have tailor made this LiPo stick pack to fit the specific Traxxas E-Revo chassis shape, using Nano+ technology LiPo cells to give more power and top speed.
The hard case also protects the cells from damage and the super heavy duty 12gauge wire allows the power to flow. 
Fitted with a TRX Power connector and JST-XH ballance connector its ready to go.


  • 7.4v 2S LiPo battery
  • Nano+ technology cells
  • 4000mAh
  • 25C nominal with 50C burst discharge
  • Max 2C charge rate (2x capacity)
  • Traxxas E-Revo scale specific, hard case shape
  • Traxxas TRX power connector connector
  • 12 gauge power leads
  • JST-XH balance connector
  • 179 x 49 x 27mm


Warning: Lithium Polymer battery packs can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. Please ensure due care and attention as exercised at all time when handling LiPo packs.






Not suitable for use by children
Only use chargers specifically designed for LiPo batteries
Store and charge in a fireproof container or pouch , never in your model !
Monitor the charging of the battery pack at all times
Never leave the battery unattended !





Manufacturer: MaxxTrax
Part Number: MXX110
Voltage: 7.4v
Battery Configuration: Stick
Battery Capacity: 3001 - 4000mAh
Battery Type: LiPo
Battery Application: Power Packs
Connector Type: Traxxas Connector
'C' Rating: 25C