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JP LiPro Quad 6 Balance Charger (AC/DC) (UK) 4402930
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LiPro Quad 6 AC has 2 power options AC and DC built in!
Charge all of your batteries at home with the LiPro Quad 6 built in AC power cable which plugs directly into mains power supply. Or choose to charge from an 11-18V DC power source with the DC power lead. LiPro Quad 6 AC is four chargers in one!
It is no longer necessary to charge one battery at a time now you can charge 4 batteries simultaneously with the LiPro Quad 6 AC. With the LiPro Quad 6 AC you can plug in 4 batteries simultaneously and it will intelligently charge all 4 of them to their maximum capacity. This charger can also charge different types of battery at the same time, NiMH, NiCD, LiPo and LiFe can be charged simultaneously from different charging ports! It is also possible to store up to 5 battery specs per charger saving you even more time!


  • Four state-of-the-art workshop AND field chargers in ONE unit
  • Charge 4 batteries at the same time with 4 temp. and PC monitor ports
  • Built in lithium battery balancer with Charge and Discharge
  • Charge Rate - Up to 5 amps x 4
  • Charge LiPo LiIon LiFe NiMH NiCd Gel cell batteries
  • 4mm gold connectors and crocodile clips included
  • Balance boards for XH, and TP/FP batteries included
  • Size - 23 x 17 x 6.5cm


  • AC Input - 220-240V AC
  • DC Input -11-18V DC
  • Charge Power - 4 x 50 Watts, current is regulated accordingly
    (e.g. 11.1V battery, charge current approx. 4.5A)
    (e.g. 22.2V battery, charge current approx. 2.2A)
  • Charge Current Range - 0.1-6.0A
  • Discharge Current Range - 0.1-1.0A
  • Cell Count - 1-15 NiCd/NiMH cells
    1-6 LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe cells
    1-10 Lead-Acid cells (2-20V)
  • Current Drain for Balancing Lithium - 300mA/cell Charge Termination
  • NiCd/NiMH - Automatic, negative Delta Peak method
  • Lead-Acid and Lithium - Automatic, voltage dependent, CC-CV process

JP LiPro Quad 6 Balance Charger (AC/DC) (UK) 4402930

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Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: JP
Part Number: 4402930
LCD Display: Full Feature Display
Multiple Pack Charging: Quad Output
Charger Features: Fully Featured
Balance Charging: Built In Balancer
Battery Compatibility: Multiple
Input Supply: 12v & Mains
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