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HPI Ultra-ca Tyre Glue (20g) 101999
CA Glue for tyres. Plastc 20g bottle with long nozzle and cap

Use HPI Ultra-CA Tyre Glue to secure tyres onto wheels of all types!

HPI Ultra-CA Tyre Glue comes with a long nozzle for easy application in tight spots and a secure screw-tight cap for convenient storage.

Our Ultra-CA glue is also suitable for emergency repairs on your RC kit!

Tip: Use HPI #9062 Car Cleaner on a clean cloth to clean the rims of wheels and the bead areas of tyres of manufacturing oils to ensure a perfect glue bond

HPI Ultra-ca Tyre Glue (20g) 101999

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Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: HPI
Part Number: 101999
Glue Type: Cyno
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