Blade 3-Blade Conversion set: 360 CFX BLH4752

Blade 3-Blade Conversion set: 360 CFX BLH4752
Brand: Blade
Part Number: BLH4752
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With the 360 CFX 3-Blade Conversion Kit and Set of 3 360mm flybar-less rotor blades (BLH4751) your Blade 360 CFX now at reasonable cost to the 3-blade helicopter. You must not change anything on your AR7200BX spectrum receiver, unless you want to test the performance of your helicopter pitch a bit. Hardcore 3D pilots experience a completely new 3D feeling with unparalleled cyclic and collective pitch performance. But pilots who want to be in style safer to get your money. With more stability, especially at slow airspeeds. So you have more leeway in trying and finding the right settings.